Do you ask a mother to choose her favorite child? So why would you ask me to choose my favorite Fandom?

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Me: can u give me x²+4y+ of tomatoes & 2(x²+8xy^3) of potatoes please

Seller: I dont understand

Me: well i dont give a fuck i didnt study in vain

those are polynomials you asked for a neverending curve of tomatoes

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I have a tab open of a picture of Harriett Tubman that I switch to whenever my parents walk in and think I’m doing homework.


I think I’ve been doing it since fifth grade idk why they haven’t caught on I just stare intently at the picture until they leave. 

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Coldest Star Found—No Hotter Than Fresh Coffee
According to a new study, a star discovered 75 light-years away is no warmer than a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Dubbed CFBDSIR 1458 10b, the star is what’s called a brown dwarf. These oddball objects are often called failed stars, because they have starlike heat and chemical properties but don’t have enough mass for the crush of gravity to ignite nuclear fusion at their cores.
With surface temperatures hovering around 206 degrees F (97 degrees C), the newfound star is the coldest brown dwarf seen to date.
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